Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hooray Chik-fil-A

    The outrage over the statement made by the CEO of Chik-fil-A amazes me. In a country that values the freedom of the people and even has a Constitution that grants its citizens that right, there should be no problem with him being able to state his views. There should be no problem with Chik-fil-A or Cathay supporting whichever legal organizations they wish with the money that they have earned. Again, they should have the freedom to express themselves this way. If you don't like their views, if you don't like the organizations that they support, don't go to Chik-fil-A. Give your money elsewhere. Let that be the end of it.

     When the Hensons pulled out of their partnership with Chik-fil-A, the homosexuals cheered. Again, it is the right of the Hensons to disassociate themselves from a company that has values that they disagree with. My question is, are they such terrible businessmen that they had no idea that Chik-fil-A was a company based on Christian values? Did they not realize that their CEO and other officers truly believed these things? Did it not occur to them that this would include their views on marriage? Of course they did. The Hensons did not go into this partnership blind. Even before this news story, the majority of America knew that Chik-fil-A was founded and operates on biblical values. If the Hensons truly had a problem with these views, they should never have joined with the company. Instead, they were perfectly happy to compromise the views of their CEO in order to make more money. What integrity.

     Now I hear from liberal friends that they don't want to support Chik-fil-A because they don't want their money to go to support "hate groups". That is your choice, but I certainly have a couple of issues here. You have the option to avoid Chik-fil-A. You don't have to eat there. You can tell your friends not to eat there. You can even picket them if you wish. I don't want my money going to support killing children or providing living expenses to drug addicts and alcoholics. Unfortunately, that is what happens with my taxes. I can't choose to not pay unless I want to go to jail. If I speak out against these things, I am labeled a hater, a bigot and intolerant.

      How are the groups that Chik-fil-A supports "hate groups". These groups support and encourage biblical Christian values. Calling them hate groups is like saying the NAACP hates whites. Supporting one group of people does not mean you hate another. Neither is Chik-fil-A discriminatory against homosexuals. I have never heard of an instance where anyone was turned away from the restaurant because of their sexual orientation. The actual interview that all of this hoopla is based on never even mentions homosexuals.

     It seems that America has become a nation of tolerance, unless you hold biblical Christian views. Then you can be attacked at will by many who have no idea what the Bible actually says. I am told repeatedly that homosexuality is only prohibited in Leviticus and the OT is obsolete, that there is no mention of homosexuality in the NT. I am told that God loves everybody and that the judgemental God of the OT is gone. I think that if you are going to attack those that adhere to the Bible, you ought to make an effort to read the book.