Sunday, June 24, 2012

Children, A Gift From God

     A friend of mine said something yesterday that I have been mulling over in my mind. (Don't you just love that phrase "mulling over in my mind"?) She said that children are the only blessing from God where we tell him, "No thanks, I have enough." That certainly seems to be the case. I know that the Catholic Church has gotten a lot of negative reactions over the years for their stance on birth control. But, if we really and truly believe that God works ALL things for our good, if we believe that He is all knowing and all powerful, if we believe that He is who the Bible says He is, why don't we trust Him to give us the right number of children for our family? What, in our vast years of experience, makes us think that we know better than He does?

     There are an awful lot of Christians against abortion. Most of them recognize that God is the one who allowed that child to be formed. That baby is a part of His plan. What, then, is the difference? Sex doesn't always result in a child. When it does, it is because God worked a miracle. Why do we want to stop Him? I know a lot of people argue that they couldn't afford more children. Really? Has God let you down yet? Do you think that if you had another child, He would turn his back on you and let you all starve? What if the odds of having a child with a serious birth defect were high? God knows and His grace is sufficient. While I am not ready to say that birth control is evil or that you are heading to hell for using a condom, I do think it is something that you should seriously consider. Are you choosing to be god in this situation or are you willing to trust in Him and His plan?

     The other side of that coin is trying to have a baby. Is IVF the right choice? I know a lot of Christian couples who have desperately wanted a baby and have gone that route. But, aren't they choosing to play God? If He was able to give a child to Mary, a virgin, and to Sarah and Hannah and Elizabeth, why can't we trust Him to give us children if it is the best thing for us? It is hard. I know. Especially in a church where children are looked on as a blessing. But the same questions should apply here as the ones when considering birth control. Do we as the creature have the right to take the place of the Creator? I think not. These are difficult areas for everyone, especially for Christians. Let us seek God's wisdom as we discuss these things and consider His Word our standard.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Spontaneous Generation

   We were studying about spontaneous generation in our science class last week. This is the idea that life can come from non living organisms. The example that we read about was maggots forming from rotting meat. It was amazing to my kids that revered scientists actually believed in this idea for so many years. I had to point out to them that many revered scientists still believe that life can be formed from non-life. After all, isn't that what the "Big Bang" is all about? Somehow, life was formed from nothing? Something for them to consider over the weekend before we continue our study.

   As I continued to mull the thought over in my head, I thought about our life in Christ. Only in Christ can the dead be made to live. We cannot bring ourselves to life. We are DEAD in our trespasses and sins. No spontaneous generation is going to be happening here. There is nothing, nothing at all, that the dead can do on their own (except rot). That is us until God gives us life.

   Interesting how so many Christians who laugh at the thought of maggots coming from rotted meat or rats from moldy hay, have no trouble believing that they are able to do something, anything to save themselves. Get over it folks. Something doesn't come from nothing. Ever. Period. No matter what.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Proud To Be an American

    Did you hear the news yesterday about the principal in New York who decided that the kindergarten class could not sing Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the U.S.A." at their graduation? Her reason? It might offend some cultures. Really? We have here American students living in America attending an American public school paid for by American tax dollars. Just what culture are you worried about offending, and why are you worried about offending them? I can tell you this. I don't live in NY or have kids in the public school system, but I sure am offended by this decision.

    Just as offensive to me is the choice of song to replace "God Bless the U.S.A.". Justin Bieber's "Baby"? How is it that a song about teenage love is less offensive than a song about the resiliency of the American people? When will this idiocy end? When will we stand up for ourselves? I am saddened that a public school principal has been allowed to decide that patriotism is offensive. I hope the parents at this school, in New York City, and around the country will speak out against this decision. I hope these students will learn how really great this country is and they will be proud to be an American.